Sunday, June 1, 2008

sado ga jima part 1

dear diary...

weekend yg superb penat+best gile!!!we(malaysian in niigata) joined the niigata university international student annual program to Sado tooks 2hrs+- by car ferry(not too far frm niigata btw),tp fni ttp mabuk laut,huhu,nyot gile,terpaksa mkn ubat(seb baik ahnk(bkn nama sbnr) pn mabuk,kui3).since ive got 300++ photos in 2days,so let the pics do the talking okie;)
1st day

gurly girls

at the ferry`s lobby

our tour-guide


sado kinzan(sado gold cave)-scary gile pakcik ni,kepalanye blh berpusing2

hotel kami;)

dpn hotel kami!camtek kan???

2 be continued,off to bed,oya~~!

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