Sunday, July 13, 2008


GREAT news!!!!!!!

br je call umh,n guess wut......

fini`s gonna be an auntie next year!!!!!!!*insyaAllah*
hihihi,both(diulangi:BOTH)of my sis-in-laws are pregnant!!!!!!
kak ida(frst) skrg 2months++ n kak gee(2nd) br 1month++
syukurr,bertmbh meriahla nnt famili ktrg,mama mst pening kepala nk jaga dua cucu serentak,ngehehe,fni pn da xsbr nk maen2 ngn baby(*^.^*)

chinamini(btw),speaking of baby,bru je baca news bout angelina jolie has given birth to a twins,sooo lucky for them having a boy n gurl twins!!!!not so many people got to experience this miracle of life.......*envy her*congratulations to the fam~~


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