Saturday, September 1, 2012

best birthday ever so far~!

yupsss,this year I learnt something new,hehe..
when u less excited towards your birthday(because i felt that im getting old!)& u didnt put high expectation from your love to celebrate your bitrhday(yeah,since we`re gonna celebrate our 1st anniversary in Korea next month),but it turned out that ur husband had planned a lovely surprised for u!!!!
Mucho thank you Mr.Love!!^-^
Love the sling bag,boleh bawak p korea nanti hip2 hoorey~!!^-^

BUt the awkward moment when ur own husband didnt remember ur age!He put "28" candless instead of 27!
sampai hati u,kot ye I nampak tua,I br 27 tauu,dush2!

Also thanks to my jap-muslim fren,yasmin for joined the surprised...but but the pic cannot be showned to public since they surprised me at the midnite while I was in the dreamland,hehe..

Later at night,ive cancelled my swimming class and dine out with mr.hubs at Thai Rest,price a bit pricey but then okla for special event cmni..

Jhai Restaurant,Chatan,Okinawa

the foods..

happy wife with wonderful husband,hek3..

cake from hub`s friend,toche2...

apepon,tuk tahun ni,selain dari dimurahkan rezeki serta dipanjangkan umur, ramai yang doakan untuk cepat2 dapat baby,insyaAllah masin mulut korang,aminnnn...

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