Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Im going back to Malaysia soonn,sape2 berminat nak kirim spirulina boleh contact saya at

ni website details tuk sapa2 yg tak tahu ape itu spirulina,heee..

basically,spirulina ni adalah multivitamin semulajadi dari alga yang diambil di dasar laut pulau di Okinawa Japan(ye,tempat saya tggal skrg la teww)
kalau mengikut kajian,alga ni sangatla kaya dengan protein which has three times the amount of proteins in beef and twice the amount in soy beans..

in fact...
Spirulina also contains abundant amounts of natural pigments such as chlorophyll and light blue phycocyanin.

Among these, chlorophyll is a well-known pigment that is often called “green blood” because it becomes the raw material of the blood in our bodies. This is why chlorophyll is very effective in the treatment of anemia.

Chlorophyll also plays a role in purifying our bodies of toxins. For example, it detoxifies acetylaldehydes, the cause of hangovers, and histamines related to allergies, so it has positive effects in helping people recover from fatigue, in preventing hangovers and in fighting allergies.

In addition, various other benefits of chlorophyll have also been recognized. It is known to aid in eliminating bad breath and body odor, in alleviating constipation and frostbite and in lowering cholesterol.

juga seswai tuk yg selalu kekurangan makan sayur(saya la tu) and in the same time blh prevent from cancer..

Beta carotene is gaining attention as an effective nutrient in the prevention of cancer. The amount of carotene required for a person in the prevention of cancer is 5-15 milligrams a day. In terms of vegetable consumption, this is the equivalent of 200g of green and yellow vegetables and 100g of light colored vegetables. For people who find this level of intake on a daily basis difficult, spirulina is recommended as a nutritional supplement. Spirulina has 50 times the amount of carotene as chlorella, 10 times that of carrots and 60 times that of spinach.

Some of the beta carotene in our bodies is converted to vitamin A, which is said to be often insufficient in the diet of Japanese. Vitamin A is also a very important nutrient which, when lacking, makes the body more prone to cancer. Vitamin A also acts to protect the eyes and the respiratory system.

want to know more?bley baca dalam website di atas ya...

1pack of spirulina contains 2400 tablets and ikut instruction makan 40tablets one day(tp ku makan 20biji je tu pn kdg2 skip hoho pemalas),bleyh tahan for 45days~90days...

so sapa2 yang interested,blh kirim so boleh jimat shiping cost to Malaysia:)


efa fairuz said...

how much ye cik pnee for 1 pack? convert duit mesia la jgn letak harga yen.. hihi

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